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Executive Council of the Organization

Alphoncina (Allie) Lyamuya is a law student, entrepreneur and founder of the Her Strength Foundation.  Allie was born and raised in Tanzania, a beautiful country in the heart of East Africa.  Growing up she saw how a majority of girls, in her society, were given less opportunities in life - from decision making, ownership of property and the ability to attend school - stemming from a societal belief that a girl’s role is to become a wife, bear children and do domestic work.  Most of the women in Allie’s family were not able to attain a higher education.  Allie’s life experience has influenced her and created her desire to make a positive difference in the world.  Utilizing her passion of beauty and creativity she began a modeling career, clothing and accessory design and event organizing businesses.  Allie is also the 1st Runner Up Miss Tanzania USA and Miss Congeniality 2016/17.   With the creation of Her Strength Foundation Allie wants to help and empower underprivileged girls and bring change through educating society in an effort to create support within their communities and lift girls up.  Today, in many of the developing countries, there are a variety of issues that continue hinder girls' educations and their overall ability to thrive. In rural areas these problems are extremely persistent. Among some of these issues are the gender myth that educating a girl is futile, poverty and overall a lack of information and support.  More specifically, when a girl reaches the age of puberty.  “I've always believed that my passion would lead me towards my purpose.  Founding the Her Strength Foundation is the platform to achieve this purpose.  All in all, I live to leave a mark."





Eden Shaveet is a graduate of Mount Wachusett Community College, holding an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and is currently a student at Elms College pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. As a Student Leader in Civic Engagement, she worked as the SLiCE Affiliate for MWCC's Division of Access and Transition and currently coordinates the Check and Connect program within the North Central Mass and Educational Talent Search programs. As an activist, Eden has organized and facilitated a multitude of "deliberative dialogue" events, aimed to educate the local community about matters pertaining to the national political sphere and fundamental human rights. With extensive experience in the realms of civic engagement, community activism, and educational advocacy, Eden will be taking on the role of Vice President of the Her Strength Foundation.









Gail Mercier, Humanitarian and Treasurer of Her Strength Foundation.












 Justa LujwanganaFounder of Curious on Tanzania (COT) and Secretary of Her Strength Foundation.